Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robins in the Field

Reflecting the Sun
Becoming the Moon
Loving the Earth

Last night I was beset by a wave of nightmares, waking up feeling afraid for our world and for my family. Events feel heavy and I don't feel comfortable anywhere. I hear this same tale from other friends too. It's clear that we cannot live like we lived before.

Last night I was hounded by the loving severe pursuit of the muse. Heavy hands were upon me, pushing me into the bed. I woke screaming "Let me out. Let out." I lay in a sweat from tidal wave dreams. So I breathed deeply.

One cannot deny the morning.
I listened. The robins were singing, bringing my childhood back to me for moments. But then the ache of reservation began tapping on my shoulder again.

Who am I, now that the prophecies are coming to pass? Who are you?

I'm being called out into the world that I've resisted for so long... the world of people... the world of connections and divisions... the world of suffering and shopping malls of bewildered consumption. It's the world of beauty and love too. Which dream will I choose to be awake in today?

It's time to be our practice full time, with all our heart, even if the will is challenged.

Our society is in a tilt from the weight of worldly power, consumerist need and political lust. What can one person possibly do to counter balance the scale?

And the Spirit answers:

Lift your arms out and fly.
Be the robin in the field.
Sing your spring song...
That is all.
Spread your wings and
let the wind carry you.

It is time to go deeper into the wide horizons of Our Spiritual Practice. It's time to be what we're called to be. It's time to sing the Song of the Heart.

As I write this sentence, fifty robins have descended upon the field outside my cabin window. They step lithely in the green hopes of Spring, hunting for sustenance, being in the moment. Some are cocking their head and listening to the secrets hidden just below the surface of the dreaming earth.

Like many of our generation, I am a "sensitive". My comfort is being with the Compassionate Spirits, and the The Word that wants to fall onto the page. The conflicts of society and family can invade a sensitive so easily. It's becoming harder to feel solid. This is a moment for me to either step out into the field or hold back in fear. With the help of The One, I choose the field.

For all of us with a singing vulnerable heart, it is time to deepen our practice, becoming saturated with prayer, praise and perseverance based on Love.

How do we do the work of healing, now that the world as we understood it is ending?

And the Spirit answers:

We do it together... Together.

Even the gods weep over the once shining earth and innocent beings suffering. Can we do less? Let us band together, the infinite and the flesh, bowing to The One, The Holy, The Beloved.

Let us all (not just the awakened) be free in field,
nurturing the earth with our songs,
washing the earth with our tears,
healing the earth with our love for one another.

We're in this together.

With Love for you dear reader.


(c) Rick Sievers, March 2011