Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Drifting Wide Open Upon the Sea

Cargo Vessel and Sailboat off Coronado Island, CA. 11/14

Two poems I found for you in last year's journal.  
They remind me that in a moment everything can change... a life may flicker out and fly away, a project may fail and become something more, a hope may become a rich and loving reality.  

The Sea Takes Both the Vessel and the Sailor
Soon or late,
It’s all the same.
You will let go of everything,
to become one with everything.
Offering one life of memories,
for all life of memory.

The little worn boat on the sea,
with sparkling rain water slowly filling it.
Soon it is too full to move in two dimensions,
and then dives into the third.
Deep, deep it will fall.
All that seemed precious,
all seemed to be other,
all that seemed real
will spill over the gunnels.

The Ocean will take both
the vessel and sailor. 

I’ll Drift Wide Open Upon the Sea 
God, I drift.
I sail upon your body.
What a journey!
When my boat is full and heavy
I will not grieve.
I will lay back in your rocking ocean.
Arms wide open.
Eyes wide open.
Heart wide open.

Blessings to You, Gentle Reader,

(c) Copyright on Words and Image, Rick Sievers, December 2014