Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Been a Good Year

Here's a slightly surly poem I came up with this morning. Please forgive the categorization of people in the poem and the misspelled alliterations. I'm poking fun at myself along with society. It's a pleasure and a pain to not fit neatly in any particular category. I both want to fit in and be a grinding buffer against the ideals of those who know they are right. I hope you find a few gems in here. I think many people feel like they don't conform neatly within our world of This Or That.
This Year

This year I've been
Mocked by the materialist,
Rejected by the religionist,
Raged at by the redneck,
Neutered by the newager,
Lambasted by the liberal,
Condescended to by the conservative,
Tackled by the tea partier,
Stigmatized by the socialist,
Whacked by the wealthy,
Pummeled by the poor.

This year I've been
Gutted because I use the word God in my speech 
Pandered to because I don't subscribe to a particular version of God.

I've been
An Idiot who believes in ideals 
a Reactionary for wanting what's real.

I was told I was
Lying when I told my truth
Misinformed when refusing to march to martial madness.

I sit here today in my posh poverty
and muse out loud:
"This has been a very good year."
My kids hear me for once and roll their eyes.
I think:
"Damn, I must be doing something right."

May your categories be ever fluid... or not.

Copyright (c) Richard Sievers, August 2013, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thought and Memory

A Scandinavian myth tells of Odin, the one god over all, the giver and protector, the slayer and destroyer, the one who discovered the song of the universe within the runes. Odin had two ravens named Thought and Memory. He would send these two out, to fly across the entire face of the earth. He asked them to observe everything with keen awareness. He asked them to return to him and report everything they witnessed and experienced. Like all myths, this one is living and dynamic. The story and facts will be different from person to person. But the Truth remains viable and worthy of contemplation.

Being open and sensitive is brave, if not foolhardy to many. To be a live wire and sift through the static and electricity in the world may seem foolish and even suicidal. To feel everything, is that a drug or enlightenment? What would it be like to be Thought and Memory? What is it like to share all experience with the Spirits of compassion and The God over everything? To me, this would be the ultimate life.
Ode to Odin

I am twin souls,
Thought and Memory.
I wing across the hidden sky trails and
witness all in the world.

In the darkness I come
back home to You,
Mother Father
Slayer Lover.

I tell you everything
we've witnessed.
I give you everything
we've become.

Then I sleep
like the double edged
sword resting in your sheath.

In your hands I am
the gleaming might of love,
the edge that cuts 
everything together.


Copyright (c) Richard Sievers, August 2013, All Rights Reserved.