Monday, July 27, 2015

Shores of Avalon

By Richard Sievers

A simple poem sequence from a dream after falling asleep to a song by Tina Malia, called Shores of Avalon*. And then my response when awakening to a clearing sky after the rain. Finally a whisper of the Still Small Voice.

Today I am awed by the deep ocean of love within the misty song stream air of longing.

What is it, Who is it that you most desire? 
And where is home for you? 

A moment to be still, beloved.
Just a moment and
you will be changed
into what you always are.
A breath now. 
The sea-song whispers
your true name.
Don't look back.
You are safe here.
You are home.
Is it raining upon your shores too?
Is the morning air soft and quiet?
Do silken songs stream seaward?
Is your sun lighting up the apple blossoms
from within the tree,
heart alight with such joy,
such joy.
Just a moment now, and
you will be home.


(c) Copyright Words and Image, Richard Sievers, July 2015

* The Song Shores of Avalon, is the creation of Tina Malia and is sung on Sound Cloud at Tina Malia: Shores of Avalon.